How To Finally Stop Social Anxiety And Self-Doubt

So You Can Confidently Connect With Others, Be Bold, Feel Proud Of Who You Are, And Create The Life You Truly Want…


Use my proven system to Liberate Yourself from shyness, fear, and people pleasing so you can freely approach anyone, boldly speak up, make friends, date more, crush it at work, and live life
On Your Terms.

Travis Kotzebue

Before I found Dr. Aziz, I was stuck in a cage of my own making, and I struggled to be myself, in almost any situation involving other people. Working with Aziz helped me supercharge my growth and I broke free of the self imposed cage I was in, and leveled-up continually—in friendships, dating, and business. I experienced levels of success I could have not achieved before. Investing in my confidence was the key. Choosing to do this work was the best decision I ever made, and it made possible all the wonderful things that followed.

Travis Kotzebue

Graphic Designer/Business Owner - Oregon

Travis Kotzebue

I felt broken. Everyone else seemed so comfortable with themselves, and I just wasn’t. When I found Dr. Aziz, it felt like he was really speaking directly to me. I invested in this program and I’ve felt incredible ever since. It’s such a liberating experience—you do things that you would never do on your own because you have people here holding you accountable and supporting you in everything that you do.

Anelle Maldonado

Medical Services - California

Discover The Exact Steps To Completely Free Yourself From Social Anxiety

  • Follow a proven road map that has helped thousands of others eliminate shyness, self-doubt, avoidance, hesitation, and fear.
  • Finally be able to just relax and be your most bold, authentic self with everyone you meet, no matter who they are.

Learn How To Skillfully And Confidently Talk With Anyone in Any Setting

  • Stop feeling intimidated by others (no matter how beautiful or confident they are) and freely and easily enjoy conversations.
  • Discover exactly how to start conversations, never run out of things to say, join into groups, and tell engaging stories.
  • Discover exactly how to start conversations, never run out of things to say, join into groups, and tell engaging stories.

Get More Dates, More Often, With The People You Really Want, By Being More Of Yourself!

  • How to know and feel on a deep level that you are attractive and totally capable of meeting amazing dating partners so you don’t have to be alone.
  • Discover how to approach, connect, flirt, ask out, and date the men or women you really want (no more settling!)

Speak Up, Stand Out, Get, And Step Into Higher Levels Of Leadership In Your Career

  • How to boldly speak up at work so you are taken seriously and recognized as leadership material.
  • Get clarity on your exact path to the most fulfilling and inspiring job and career so you can blaze forward with total confidence.

If you want tomorrow to be different,
take new action today…

Why Do Most People Never Find A Way Out Of Social Anxiety And Self-Doubt, Even If They Become Rich, Married, Or Successful?

Because confidence is an inside job.

But most of us have learned that in order to be confident we have to look better, be richer, or do something else “out there” to feel good about ourselves.

We also fall for the false story that some people are just naturally confident and others (aka you and me) just “don’t have it.” We were born weird, or awkward, or anxious. Or our family life was too messed up growing up.

So, for whatever reason, you think deep down there’s something wrong with you and that you’re just stuck this way forever…

And so most people settle. They avoid the things they’re scared of, live within their comfort zone, and live a restricted life of quiet desperation, only to feel deep pangs of regret as life passes them by.

That is exactly what I did for over a decade of my life. I lived in a cage of social anxiety, self-doubt, and low self-esteem. And, as you know, that cage is especially terrible because it’s invisible and it goes with you wherever you go.

Inside that cage was my inner critic… Constantly telling me that I wasn’t good looking, confident, or outgoing enough. It compared me to other men and pointed out where I was less worthy than them. It pointed out amazing women and told me why I wasn’t in their league and how I’d never date anyone like that. And on and on it went…

Until one fateful day when I began the process of breaking free…forever.

And on that journey I discovered the truth:

Confidence is a skill that anyone can learn.

Building long-term, sustainable, unstoppable confidence is a systematic process that can be developed in any human. It’s like a math formula. If you do the steps, you will gain confidence.

The only thing that stops us are the stories in our heads that prevent us from actually doing what it takes.

But when you reach that threshold moment, just like I did, and you are:

  • Sick and tired of living life at 30% of what you know you can.
  • Fed up with watching life pass you by, watching one year blur into the next with no noticeable difference.
  • Completely frustrated with yet another failed relationship because you lacked the self-confidence to make it work.
  • Unwilling to settle for a life of hesitation, fear, self-loathing, and regret…

Then, my friend, you are ready to take the leap.

And when you do, your life will never be the same again.


Travis Kotzebue

The doctor is IN. He’s been in your shoes and he knows exactly what it takes to get from point A to point B. Who better to listen to? There is no one else in the industry that has his combination of teaching ability and genuine care.

Patrick King

Bestselling Author of The Science of Likeability

Travis Kotzebue

Confidence is paramount to success. This is why we all need confidence coaches and mentors. My good buddy Dr. Aziz gets confidence inside and out. Not the puff-your-out-chest faked kind of confidence; I’m talking about the truly grounded and magnetic kind of confidence. He’s got the knowledge and experience you need. I highly recommend you learn everything you can him from Aziz.

Dr. Sean C. Stephenson

Author of Get Off Your 'But': How to End Self-Sabotage and Stand Up for Yourself

Travis Kotzebue

Dr. Aziz mixes specific advice and tools with heartwarming and vulnerable stories. I know he can help you reach your next level of confidence and success.

Vanessa Van Edwards

Author of Captivate


You Want To Stop Worrying So Much About What Others Think


You Want To Feel Relaxed And Confident Talking With Anyone


You Want To Be Bold And Powerful In Dating, Relationships, And Work


  • Rapidly increase your confidence in all key areas of life.
  • Eliminate hesitation and holding back so you can just speak up and be you.
  • Stop that endless stream of self-conscious analysis and simply enjoy being around others.
  • Deeply heal that feeling that you’re not good enough.
  • Be able to confidently approach people and start conversations.
  • Go deeper, keep conversations engaging, and always know what to say next.
  • Breakthrough the fears that are stopping you from having the dating life you really want.
  • Freely connect with and date the people you are most attracted to.
  • Finally see yourself as completely attractive and worthy of love right now (without needing to
    become “better” first).
  • Stop holding back and start speaking up at work.
  • Share your ideas and perspective with authority and confidence.
  • Be turned to as a leader in your career and field.
  • Finally start living your life instead of waiting for it to just “happen” someday!


If you’re like most people, you’ve tried other ways to overcome anxiety and improve your confidence. And some of them may have even been helpful.

BUT… the problem with almost all approaches is they focus on intellectually understanding the problem and solution. They focus on providing you with more information.

They often include a bunch of videos for you to watch on your own (my early training programs were like this as well). The downfall is that you are all alone to implement the changes in your life, and it can be hard, scary, or overwhelming.

You don’t need more information. You need transformation.

And that can only happen when we quickly and consistently apply what we learn. When put into practice the insights and take action in the world.

Confidence University is a new and unique system that is designed to bring about rapid transformation. We do this by:

  • Building action into the program from the very beginning.
  • Turn lessons into specific actions that you report on.
  • Real-time guidance and support from expert coaches.
  • Turn lessons into specific actions that you report on.
  • Real-time guidance and support from expert coaches.
  • An interactive community so you can share with and learn from others on the same path as you.
  • Rapidly increase your confidence in all key areas of life.
Travis Kotzebue

Dr. Aziz has drastically improved my life.  Before reading his books, learning from his programs and going to his events, I was shy, quiet, incredibly self critical, stressed, and generally felt that my life was bland. I now feel way more inner confidence and peace, powerful at work, and am excited to share my thoughts, opinions, and jokes with friends and strangers alike. If you’re considering working with Aziz and are willing to do the work that he recommends, I promise that you won’t regret it.

Dylan Reid

Engineer/Entrepreneur - Oregon

Travis Kotzebue

I struggled with being too nice and not having much success with women. I studied “pick-up artist” stuff, but it actually messed me up more than it helped me, amplifying my anxiety and insecurities.  Then I discovered Dr. Aziz and transformed my inner confidence doing what he taught. Since then, women come onto me now, and that sort of thing never happened to me before in my life. Dr. Aziz is a guy who really understands the fear, pain, rejection, suffering, self-talk, and self-hatred of people who deal with social anxiety. He found the way out and not puts himself out there to help other people.

Dave Meindl

Digital Marketer - Iowa



Discover The 3 Key Elements That Can Rapidly Eliminate Anxiety And Help You Continuously

Build Confidence In Every Area Of Life

After struggling with social anxiety and low self-esteem for many years, I became obsessed with figuring out how to liberate myself.

Now, 15 years later, I’ve worked with thousands of other people and figured out the essential keys to producing radical and rapid confidence transformation:


Change limiting beliefs

Element toxic self-talk

Get on you own side

Upgrade your identity


Breakthrough hesitation

Test out reality & take risks!

Gradual exposure

Build new skillsets


Specific guidance for your situation

Encouragement to keep going

Get inspired by seeing others progress

Accountability to others who car about you


Social freedom

Extraordinary relationship

Greater Career Success

Deep fulfillment


Smash Through Social Anxiety And Self-Criticism So You Can Be Bold, Have Fun, Connect With Others, And Truly Be Yourself Around Anyone

The very first thing you’ll do inside of Confidence University is to shatter the cage of social anxiety and fear that’s been holding you back.

If you want to date more freely, have great conversations, or be a powerful leader at work, you first must have a foundation of rock-solid confidence. And that’s exactly what this course will help you create.

In the course you’ll discover how to:

  • Proven techniques to break through the fear that’s been holding you back so you can speak up and take bold action now.
  • Neutralize your inner critic and skyrocket your self-esteem so you can start feeling good about yourself right now.
  • Become “rejection-proof” so you can go after what you want in life and get it quickly.
  • Eliminate self-consciousness, embarrassment and the constant fear about what “they” are thinking about you.
  • Upgrade your identity so you actually see yourself as a powerful, desirable person that others are magnetically drawn to.


Talk To Anyone With Relaxed, Rock-Solid Confidence And Create Amazing Conversations That Naturally Draw Others To You

The simple truth is that better conversations = a better life. The more confidently you can speak with others, the more connections you can have, the better you feel, and the more opportunities open up in your life. Whether it’s at a party, on a date, with a co-worker or with a potential client or business contact, if you know how to engage them with confidence and skill, they will be hooked.

And, best of all, you can actually learn how to do this so you can create deep, win-win connections wherever you go.

In the course you’ll discover how to:

  • Easily start conversations with anyone in a completely relaxed, casual way.
  • Always know what to say next to keep the conversation going.
  • Master small talk so you can instantly put others at ease.
  • Deepen conversations so they are engaging, interesting, and memorable.
  • Be funny, dynamic, and highly charismatic with others.
  • Easily share with others so you enjoy the conversation (and others like you more).
  • Become more persuasive and be seen as more powerful, influential, and desirable by others.
  • Comfortably be your authentic self so you can enjoy connecting with others at work, in dating, relationships, and life.


How To Boldly Approach Anyone,
Get Dates, And Create Exciting, Passionate Relationships… All By Being Yourself!

Let’s face it. When we are struggling with confidence nothing is hit harder than our love lives. This can lead to getting stuck in loneliness. hopelessness, despair and sometimes just giving up and focusing on other things.

This can lead to getting stuck in loneliness, hopelessness, despair, and sometimes just giving up and focus on other things.

And yet, when you get this area of your life handled, and you know deep down that you are attractive and a catch and have something magnificent to offer, then your entire dating life will transform.

It’s possible to easily and frequently connect with the people you are most attracted to, enjoy dating, and create an extraordinary level of love and passion in your relationship.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

Overcome your fear of approaching anyone so you can easily start conversations wherever you go.

Stop freezing up and having awkward conversations, and instead warmly and confidently connect with anyone (no matter how beautiful or intimidating they are).

Master the skill of flirting so you can build tension, create attraction, and leave them wanting more of you!

Activate your powerful masculine or magnetic feminine energy that automatically pulls dating partners into your life.

Date on your terms with healthy boundaries and clear
agreements so you can eliminate drama, guilt, and anxiety.


Unleash Peak Confidence In Your Career So You Can Rapidly Rise In Your Company, Become A Sought-After Leader, And Get Paid Well To Do Meaningful Work You Love!

The sad truth is most people settle in their careers just like they do in relationships. Due to a lack of confidence they tell themselves they just can’t grow, take on more, start their own business, or earn a certain amount of money.

Of course, just like every other area of life, these are just stories!

The truth is as your confidence grows, your potential in your career skyrockets. In this course you’ll get complete clarity about your career path and trajectory, and determine exactly how to speed it up to rise to the level you truly want to be (doing the exact work that you’re really here to do!).

In this course you’ll discover how to:

  • Speak up, get noticed, and be seen as “leadership material.”
  • Breakthrough the internal ceiling you have for yourself about how much you can earn.
  • Get complete clarity on your career path so you know if you’re in the right job, field, and industry.
  • Powerful hacks to 10x your productivity so you can crush it daily at work (which skyrockets your confidence).
  • How to make the leap to start your own business (or grow it to the next level).
  • How to negotiate for a higher salary, higher fees, and earn more money..



Stop waiting on the sidelines as life passes you by… take charge now!


Travis Kotzebue

“Dr. Aziz taught me how to change my base mindset from an inherently cynical and pessimistic one to a bright and optimistic one. To believe that life and people are inherently good, and that my presence and contribution to the world is a positive one. This is not a course for temporary bravado to fake it until making it, this is a deeper sense of confidently being in control of your existence.”

Stefan Clyne

Banking/Finance – New York

Travis Kotzebue

Before I came across Dr. Aziz, I lacked confidence at work, was too anxious to  spend quality time with my wife and daughters and my social life was boring. Now, my life is completely different. I’m having a great time with my family; I’m more vocal at work, demonstrate leadership skills, and I’m able to speak my ideas clearly and confidently. I am excited to wake up early 3:30-4:30am(even on weekends) to work on myself. Life is interesting now. I am more myself and happy. Thank you Dr. Aziz for all the help and strategies you taught me to create the NEW me!

Rajesh C.

Software Developer - California

Travis Kotzebue

I had social anxiety for many years and I was always scared of people. As a result, I tried to avoid talking to people as much as possible, and I struggled with chronic chest and neck pain.

While I was searching for a solution, I somehow managed to found Dr. Aziz, and decided to give it a shot. Since then I completely transformed from a shy person to a social person. My co-workers, friends, and wife couldn’t believe the difference. What Dr. Aziz is teaching is wonderful because it works.

Canvas Wang

Software Development - Canada

Travis Kotzebue

Dr. Aziz is a gifted teacher and speaker who is instantly trustworthy. You will never find somebody more honest, personal and trustworthy to guide you along a path to personal freedom than Aziz.

Jonathan Brinkley

Musician – Oregon

Travis Kotzebue

I was struggling with social anxiety for quite a while and then I found Dr. Aziz on YouTube… I watched his videos over and over. After 2-3 months of really taking in his teachings, I started applying what he taught and saw some major changes. The changes were not small, they were completely transformational changes. I’ve spoken up, been direct, approached people, and been more expressive than ever before. This program pushes you to do more than when you’re just sitting by yourself reading a book at home, it allows you to feed of each other’s energy.

Surabhi Gokhale

Architect - New York

Travis Kotzebue

I used to doubt myself and my abilities, my relationships, and my worth. Dr. Aziz taught me new tools, and how to turn those tools into real action in the world. I’m now more able to step up at work, and the response from my coworkers and the President of the company has been fantastic. My relationship with my wife and children has become so much more deep and rewarding. If you are ready to take control of your life, and work through your fear and pain, this is the way to do it.

Soji Victor Ladele

World Health Professional – Nigeria

Travis Kotzebue

Before meeting Dr. Aziz, I’d never had any success with women or gone on any dates. I was just a nice, vanilla guy. I didn’t think I could go up and talk to anyone, man or woman, and feel confident in my self-esteem. After working with Dr. Aziz, I developed a habit of being able to actually go up and talk to a woman I was very attracted to—not only that, but I’d be relaxed about it! I can sing karaoke, dance freely, and do so many things that used to make me self-conscious before. If you’re at rock bottom and you’re looking for someone who can help you make a change, Dr. Aziz is the guy.

Matthew Bayley

Teacher - Oregon

Travis Kotzebue

Working with Dr. Aziz has been an incredible benefit in my life! The old version of me used to avoid conflict, live in anxiety, and then beat myself into shame. Dr. Aziz gave me the tools to feel my feelings and free myself, tools I still use to this day.

I now take on the challenges of life. I’m constantly doing things to better myself and well-being. I’m strengthening my core relationships with friends, and family. I’m honing my craft as an artist and putting myself out there constantly. I’m pursuing women who excite me and having deep relationships. All while giving myself unconditional love. I. Am. Unstoppable.

Jonathan Hernandez

Actor/Coach – New York

Travis Kotzebue

I started by reading his books, then listening to his YouTube videos, then attending his webinars. I started applying the techniques, taking notes, and reminding myself of the techniques Dr. Aziz suggested, and as change set in, I knew it was really working for me! One day, you will realize that you are tired of taking baby steps, and you will want to take giant steps and make great strides forward. That is when you will be ready, and you will do anything to make it happen.

Abhijeet Kushe

Cambridge, MA

Travis Kotzebue

Dr. Aziz simplifies everything in a way that I can relate to and understand. I’ve experienced great change already and am more confident than ever before, and I plan to grow even more!

Yousef Zarei

International Relations – United Kingdom

Travis Kotzebue

After being really ill with stress, anxiety and depression, I started searching how to overcome depression on the internet. When I found Dr. Aziz, something about the way he spoke, spoke to me—he just seemed more knowledgeable, insightful and genuine than other professionals. He explained the thoughts in my head to me better than anyone else ever has before. I started putting into action the things Dr. Aziz said, and it was like, “BANG”: immediate results. Dr. Aziz has been through it all himself, so he really understands everything that you’re thinking. Those thoughts in your head that you’re thinking are weird or shameful . . . he’s had them and pushed through it. He knows what you’re going through. He speaks with such openness and clarity and lets you know exactly what you need to do to make a lasting change. It works—it just works, and it works fast.

Paul Hiscock

Chemical Engineer – London

Travis Kotzebue

In the past, seeking out help for social issues has not helped because therapists approach it by letting it work itself out with time. Being with this group of people, though, really normalized it for me. And because Dr. Aziz has had his own issues with social anxiety, the way he teaches comes from his own experience, and there’s no replacement for that. If you’re ready to take that next step—and the things you’ve been trying on your own have felt like one-step-forward, two-steps-back—this is the place to really get the momentum to see results.

Ari Friedman

Businesswoman – Oregon


We can have so much shame and embarrassment about the need to build our confidence. I know this first hand, because I never shared with anyone for over 10 years about my secret struggles.

Now we have an amazing community of inspired, motivated, intelligent, and successful people who are ready to face these challenges head on… and the results have been incredible.

Inside this community, you are no longer alone in your struggle. We join together to learn, grow, be real about our struggles, help support each other, and transform our lives.

Together we become unstoppable.








Get direct guidance and support from experienced Confidence Coaches and your peers in the program. These live, interactive group coaching calls will help you:

  • Get answers to your specific questions.
  • Gain clarity on the exact next step for your to take.
  • Remove obstacles and sticking points so you can grow your confidence and get results faster.
  • Connect and support with your peers in the program so you aren’t “lone wolfing it” all by yourself!


Gain access to an ever-growing library of confidence masters. These include in-depth interviews that Dr. Aziz has done personally with dozens of highly successful experts, authors, business owners, and other masters of confidence.

  • Hours of in-depth interviews on how to build your confidence in all key areas of life.
  • Learn from accomplished experts in dating confidence, career confidence, self-esteem, mindfulness, and so much more.


Join into an exclusive group of highly motivated people who are working on the exact same things you are. In the interactive forum you will be able to:

  • Ask specific questions to resolve the unique challenges with your confidence.
  • Share about your experience and connect with other members.
  • Learn from me and my team of coaches as we interact with you in the forum.


Gain access to over a dozen specific trainings on all things confidence related, including:

  • 7 Tips To Becoming A Conversation Mastery
  • 3 Ways To Enjoy Parties (Even If You’re Shy)
  • How To Assume Approval With Anyone
  • The Secret To Self-Compassion
  • 7 Ways To Get A Raise (Without Being Pushy)
  • 4 Steps To Creating Unstoppable Courage
  • 5 Ways To Become Unfazed By Rejection

… and more! These trainings are a combination of E-Books, videos, and audio trainings, and they will give you a wealth of tools to master your confidence.


If you are serious about breaking out of social anxiety and self-doubt and into lasting confidence fast, then nothing is more powerful than coming to one of my live events.

In these 3-day immersion experiences, we go deep into the tools and practice of building permanent, unstoppable confidence in conversations, dating and relationships, and life in general.

People fly from all over the world to come to these, for two reasons:

1. There’s nothing else like it so focused on confidence.
2. They work.

Event Dates: March 8-10, 2019

(This bonus is for full pay only)

100% Money Back Guarantee

Dr. Aziz’s Confidence Transformation Guarantee

I know without a shadow of a doubt that you can increase your confidence.

Your biggest obstacle is not your history, income, looks, or anything else you think is “wrong” with you. It’s doubt.

When you dive in with this program, put in the time, and take action, I am confident that you will get incredible results.

If for any reason you don’t feel like this program is right for you within 30 days, you can let me know and we’ll refund your money.


Confidence University $2,000
Acceleration Calls $1,997
Model The Masters $497
Interactive Forum $1,000
The Secret Confidence Library $997
Live EVENT Ticket (full-pay only) $1,997

Total Value


“Confidence is possible. No matter how long you have been stuck, or how much anxiety you have, or how broken you think you are. I have helped thousands of people forge their confidence, starting with myself. And I know by now, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is a skill that anyone can learn. It just takes willingness, courage, and the right guidance.”

– Dr. Aziz

Choose your enrollment option:

What Confidence University Is Really Worth

  • What would a radical increase in confidence bring to your life?
  • From a strictly numbers perspective, if boosting your confidence in your career lead to a raise
    (insert magic numbers here).
  • That doesn’t include negoatiating for higher salaries, better contracts, or even making significantly more running your own business.
  • But money aside, the biggest value this program brings is that it gives you your life back. It helps you create the life you really want for yourself.
  • What is having an amazing relationship with your soulmate worth?
  • What about deep friendships that give you laughter, companionship and support for years to come?
  • What about feeling secure and comfortable in your own skin no matter if you’re talking with a boss, some new business contacts, your partners friends, or giving a toast at a wedding?
  • In my personal experience, complete self-confidence is the most valuable asset in life (that’s why I’m constantly adding to it!)
  • At the end of our lives the two most important things people report as MOST IMPORTANT are their relationships and living the life they wanted (vs doing what others wanted or giving up on dreams out of fear).
  • What would a radical increase in confidence bring to your life?
  • From a strictly numbers perspective, if boosting your confidence in your career lead to a raise
    (insert magic numbers here).
  • That doesn’t include negoatiating for higher salaries, better contracts, or even making significantly more running your own business.
  • But money aside, the biggest value this program brings is that it gives you your life back. It helps you create the life you really want for yourself.
  • What is having an amazing relationship with your soulmate worth?
  • What about deep friendships that give you laughter, companionship and support for years to come?
  • What about feeling secure and comfortable in your own skin no matter if you’re talking with a boss, some new business contacts, your partners friends, or giving a toast at a wedding?
  • In my personal experience, complete self-confidence is the most valuable asset in life (that’s why I’m constantly adding to it!)
  • At the end of our lives the two most important things people report as MOST IMPORTANT are their relationships and living the life they wanted (vs doing what others wanted or giving up on dreams out of fear).

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get support in this program?
YES! The program is designed to be hands on and interactive. You will be taking new action in the world and sharing about your progress. You also can interact with your peers in our private forum to get real-time support. In addition, there are group Acceleration Calls where you can call in (via video or phone) and get your specific questions answered by a hand-picked, highly trained Confidence Coach on Dr. Aziz’s team.
I'm really busy in my life, will I have time for this program?
Life is full and most people can’t drop what they’re doing to work on their confidence. You can go through this course at whatever pace you like. The key is not tons of hours per week, it’s actually consistency. You can spend 30 minutes per day and make incredible progress. Or you can do several bursts of time on the weekends. No matter what your schedule, if you are committed to devoting some time, you can make this work. Remember, the key is just consistency!
Will I get to work with Dr. Aziz directly?
If you enroll with the 1-year tuition then you will receive the special bonus of a ticket to Dr. Aziz’s next live event. In addition, Dr. Aziz is active in the interactive forum and will be answering questions along side his team of coaches. If you’re interested in working with Dr. Aziz personally in an ongoing and in-depth way, then you will want to check out his Unstoppable Confidence Mastermind program.
I've already tried other online programs for confidence, how is this one different?
Confidence University is a revolutionary approach to confidence training. To begin, this course is designed by a clinical psychologist with 15 years experience with therapy, group work, and coaching. It is based in clinical practice, scientific theory, and observation of real-world results. In addition, the course is highly interactive, so you don’t have the drop-off effect of a standard online course or book (where most people get stuck or lose motivation and quit). We’ve also created a highly engaging approach that includes gameification, awards, acknowledgements, prizes, and other cool stuff to make the learning process fun and exciting (to keep you hooked!).
If I enroll in this program, but it's not right for me, can I return it?
Yes, you can. AND, I’m deeply committed to help you transform your confidence level. That’s one of my key missions in this life. So, if you’re getting stuck, or somethings not working, me and my team are going to do what we can to help you get the support you need to have a breakthrough. If you still don’t get the results you want, then we’ll give you a refund. Just let us know within those first 30 days if you need that additional support.
How many courses are inside of Confidence University?
There are 4 courses inside of the university. These include:


  • The Ultimate Confidence Foundation
  • Social Mastery
  • Dating Mastery
  • Career Acceleration
Will I get access to everything at once?
When you first get into Confidence U, you must go through The Ultimate Confidence Foundation. This course is required for all students and will provide rapid results and set you up to win in all other courses and areas of confidence in your life. After you complete the Foundation, you can choose your next course, focusing on your social life, dating life, or career. You cannot be enrolled in more than one course at a time. This keeps you focused and prevents overwhelm and dabbling. Once you finish the course you’re in, you can focus on the next one.
Do I have to complete the course within a certain amount of time?
Tuition for Confidence University is for 1 year at a time. During this time you can complete some, or all of the courses, depending on your interest and speed. Completing all four courses within a one year span is a very reasonable time frame.
Do you offer a payment plan?
You have the option to pay monthly for confidence university, which is $149 per month for the 12 months. Or you can choose the 1-year tuition option where you pay for the year up front. This gives you a special discount and an additional bonus of a ticket to my next live event!
I'm already working with a therapist. Should I do this too?
Yes, most definitely. Working with a therapist can help you get more specific attention to work through a variety of issues. It is unlikely that your therapy will be this focused on overcoming social anxiety and building rapid confidence. It is my goal that Confidence University provides greater benefits than 2 years of therapy. If you are already working with someone you like, by all means continue. This program will just give you way more specific guidance, actions, and a clear plan to achieve unstoppable confidence.
Can I get 1-on-1 Confidence Coaching as well?
Coaching directly with a Confidence Coach on my team is an option. This gives you the chance to go deep to work through specific challenges or stuck points. If this is something you are interested in, we can discuss it more as you work through the university.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

In my life I have 3 core missions:

  1. To be a fully present, patient, playful, passionate, and deeply loving husband and father.
  2. Constant growth, learning, expansion, and pushing the edge of my ?impossible.?
  3. To inspire radical and rapid transformation in as many people as I can in my lifetime? and beyond.

Confidence University is the culmination of over 15 years of obsessive study and pursuit of mission #3.

Thank you for your trust and willingness to grow. I see you as a brother or sister on the same path as me, and I look forward to watching your life unfold in magical ways.


Travis Kotzebue

When it comes to confidence building, Dr. Aziz is the master. He is the master of teaching you to be bolder, more authentic, and to break free of the fear keeping you trapped in guilt and anxiety.

Scott Allan

Bestselling Author of Do It Scared

Travis Kotzebue

Aziz is rare treasure. He’s a unique combination of wisdom + heart + strength + playfulness that’s all rolled together in an ambitious passion for changing the world. I’ve trusted his guidance in my vulnerable moments. And if you’re looking to bring an inspiring vision to life, I’d highly suggest learning from Aziz.

Jacob Sokol

Founder of Sensophy

Travis Kotzebue

Dr. Aziz speaks from personal experience which uniquely connects him with his students. His captivating, conversational style will help you free yourself of the negative thoughts that keep you feeling badly about yourself, so you can enjoy the freedom that self-confidence brings.”

Dr. Robin Zasio

Featured Doctor, HOARDERS, Emmy Nominated A&E Hit Series